Team of experts with clear ideas for your Franchise

We believe in entrepreneurship and everything we do every day is to support it with our experience, our exclusive network of excellence, and our daily support.

Founder and CEO

Mr. Mike

Franchising Advisor and international entrepreneur, at 21 years old, he had already created his first franchise with over 350 affiliates.

To date, he has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies from various countries in achieving success through franchises.

Expert in international taxation, brand launch strategies, franchise investments and business development.

Mr. Mike - Fondatore del Mr. Mike Franchising Group

Sales director

Giovanni Caliendo

Expert in the creation and management of sales networks, with 15 years of experience in neuroscience applied to B2B sales.

With over 1,570 commercial agreements signed in various niches on the international level, he is now responsible for the training of the company's sales team.

Giovanni Caliendo - Direttore Commerciale del Mr. Mike Franc1hising Group

Strategic marketing director

Gabriel Spada

The mind behind the launch and international development strategies of the Mr. Mike Franchising Group, as well as the group's success stories.

Expert in positioning, direct marketing and franchise branding, today is the group Strategic Director.

Gabriel Spada - Direttore Marketing Strategico del Mr. Mike Franchising Group

Executive marketing manager 

Davide Bartolucci

Programmer and expert in executive marketing: SEO, web design, community management and mobile apps.

After creating, training, and leading development teams for websites, software, and marketing platforms in various countries, he specialized in IT systems for franchises, thus becoming the manager of the marketing area.

Davide Bartolucci - Manager Marketing Esecutivo del Mr. Mike Franchising Group

Social media manager

Solomia Gryshyna

Expert in social media management, copywriting and strategies for direct outreach and lead generation B2A and B2B.

Currently, she manages the corporate image and brand awareness of the Mr. Mike Franchising Group, contributing to increasing the group's visibility through marketing tools at the national and international levels.

Solomia Gryshyna - Social Media Manager del Mr. Mike Franchising Group

Profilers of the Mr. Mike Franchising Group

Isabel Doro
Juri Po
Sara Bacchilega
Anna Alberghina
A trained and specialized team in selecting profiles of companies and investors for the development of national and international networks.
Isabel Doro - Profiler Mr. Mike Franchising Group
Juri Po - Profiler Mr. Mike Franchising Group
Sara Bacchilega - Profiler Mr. Mike Franchising Group
Anna Alberghina - Profiler Mr. Mike Franchising Group

Customer care manager

Giulia Perboni

Graduated in languages and European cultures, expert in problem-solving and emotional intelligence applied to business.

With over 10 years of experience in B2B customer support, she continuously trains to provide increasing value alongside our clients every day.

Giulia Perboni - Manager Customer Care del Mr. Mike Franchising Group

International legal consultant 

Barbara Zogno

After graduating from law school, she specialized in international contracts and for 15 years worked as the legal reference for various fashion brands and international franchises.

Today, she is the head of the company's international legal department.

Barbara Zogno - Consulente legale internazionale del Mr. Mike Franchising Group

Financial consultant

Daniela Lorizzo

Banker specialized in financial intelligence.

For over 20 years, she has been helping entrepreneurs and freelancers with bank negotiations, optimizing their financial plans, and increasing awareness in money management.

Daniela Lorizzo - Consulente finanziaria del Mr. Mike Franchising Group


We want to create a world where companies and owners of high-quality brands can expand their businesses nationally and internationally, achieving exceptional results.


We help entrepreneurs who want to create, launch, and expand their brand nationally and internationally using the franchise business model.

Our values


Focus on results

Unlike 99% of training and consulting companies, we are results-oriented. We believe that having successful clients makes us a successful company, which is why our clients achieve what no one else has.

We invest for the long term and aim to create an impact and be an example for millions of entrepreneurs who can change the world with their ideas and right strategies.

Professionalism and expertise

We invest significant resources in the selection and training of our staff. All consultants and team members at Mr. Mike Franchising Group undergo rigorous selection processes, training, and guided field experience.

This way, we cultivate excellence, maximize the personal growth of our team, and ensure our clients receive the best service on the market.


We believe in support and customization to help our clients achieve extraordinary results. Each client has their own story and challenges in their niche.

Our superpower lies in starting from their specific reality and guiding them from A to Z throughout their journey to success.


Being number 1 in what you do is the prerogative of those who achieve great goals. That's why we only work with motivated clients who aim to excel in what they do.

We want to build successes that serve as examples for others and leave a mark in the world.

Strength and structure

In today's market, no one can succeed alone. The elements that you need are professionals, salespeople, and specialized consultants to support business development.

Here you find everything you need to grow immediately in a profitable and scalable way, outperforming the competition.

Effective communication

Understanding the needs of our clients, partners, and collaborators is crucial for us to grow together towards great results through a professional, clear, deep, and constructive relationship.

Research and development

The market is constantly evolving, which is why in addition to working daily with our clients, we invest resources and energy into research and development.

This is one of our major advantages over associated studies and freelance professionals who, due to lack of understanding and resources, cannot access certain information.

Professional ethics

We reject any project, company, or entrepreneur who is not genuinely committed to adding real value to the market and collaboration. We believe that businesses are powerful tools built on strong and important values.

Every business decision is made in accordance with our professional ethical code, which ensures our clients, partners, and collaborators: quality, transparency, and sustainability.
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